ENJJOY: All-Pure NANO CBD Chill & Stress Aid Vegan Tincture (1500mg)


Pure essence of no worries. A staycation of the nervous system.

No matter the day, or the stress, we all need a little chill and here at ENJJOY, All-Natural Nano CBD Tincture has got you covered! Packed with natural terpenes to help ease anxiety and stress, they are easy to take in doses under 15mg. Perfect for on-the-go lifestyles. With pineapple, guava, and natural flavors this tincture will hit the spot for anyone looking for a tropical escape from everyday stresses.

  • Chill & stress relief. Helps relieve stress & anxiety and promote relaxation
  • Broad spectrum. Made with pure CBD boosted with natural terpenes
  • 2x as potent as most brands. Tested 4 times for potency & purity
  • Fast-acting. So you can control your dose
  • THC-free. Will not get you high
  • USDA-compliant. Sourced from the best natural hem farms in the US

HOW TO: Take 1 full dropper (1ml) and wait 30 minutes for good vibes.


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