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Studies have shown that EMF radiation from tech devices could be causing damage to male sperm count, density, and strength. That’s where Ocushield comes in. Designed in UK by leading physicists, the Ocushield EMF inserts help divert signals away from your body by filtering this out. Shockingly, up to 50% of radiation from your phone can be absorbed by your body without a filter, so it is advised that you protect yourself whilst scrolling. Ocushield is exclusively registered with the Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, in the US, so you can rest assured that our EMF protective insert works in guarding you against harmful radiation waves.

  • Alara™ technology. Redirects signals & up to 75% of radiation away from your body
  • No signal loss. Will not compromise your network performance
  • Perfect insert. Sits perfectly between your case & iPhone
  • Multiple benefits

    • Fresher feeling eyes
    • Sleep better
    • Improve sperm motility
    • Enhance brain health
  • Developed by experts. Designed in the UK by leading physicists; exclusively FDA registered
  • Sustainable. 100% recyclable & compostable


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