Emeril Indoor/Out of doors Pizza Grill/Oven with Equipment


Emeril’s commercial-grade pizza oven baking set elevates homemade pizza to chef-quality brick oven perfection on your outdoor grill or indoor gas stovetop faster, easier, and with more delicious results than ordinary pizza pans, baking tools, or traditional kitchen appliances.

The Emeril Pizza Grill allows you to transform your outdoor grill or indoor gas stovetop into an old-world pizza oven. Enjoy sizzling hot, homemade pizza finished with perfect golden-crisp crust in just minutes.

  • Heating up to 700°. Bake hotter & faster than a traditional oven on your propane or natural gas outdoor grill
  • Built-in labeled thermometer. Tells you when heat reaches optimal cooking temperature without additional pizza baking tools
  • Premium double-wall ceiling construction. Delivers extra powerful, focused heat into a small space to cook dough faster & more evenly from edge to edge
  • Ceramic & cordierite pizza stone. Works inside the oven to absorb moisture from pizza dough for superior crisping outside & a tender, perfectly cooked inside without overcooking


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