Elsight Halo Drone Enabling Know-how

Connectivity is critical to scaling up drone operations – and the Elsight Halo is the tiny tool that ensures a secure and virtually unbreakable connection between the drone and operator. We spoke to Scott Jonasz, Vice President of Global Sales and Alliances at Elsight, about the Elsight solution and traction and speed in the drone industry.

Enable advanced operations

The Elsight Halo is an assistive technology. One reason that commercial drone operations have been restricted by the requirement of visual observers and the individual drone per individual operator model is the risk that the connection between the drone and the command center will be disrupted. If companies are able to effectively address this risk, as Elsight’s 6th Sense AI Connectivity feature does, they can work towards obtaining regulatory approval to scale commercial drone operations to BVLOS flights and other advanced operations.

With Halo and the regulatory approvals, Jonasz says companies can begin to reach their actual capacity. “One operator can manage several missions at the same time and autonomously,” says Jonasz. “And business growth can become the focus.”

Regulatory certifications are complex, but according to Jonasz, Elsight Halo can help companies overcome the hurdles to qualify for advanced drone operations. “Several exams have to be passed for official certification,” explains Jonasz. “Halo provides drone companies with a solution with real experience and a history of excellence. Companies can present solutions to regulators that include absolute connectivity for command and control and no loss of communication with your drone. “

Halo is a global solution, adds Jonasz. “In different parts of the world there are different operators who provide radio signals. With Halo 6th Sense, you can take advantage of operator signals – anywhere in the world. “

The Elsight Difference

Elsight Halo is not quite like any other product out there – and Elsight is not quite like any other company. We asked Jonasz to explain what sets Elsight apart. “From a technological point of view, Halo is lighter and our power consumption is lower,” explains Jonasz. “We’re not just offering more connecting links, we’re connecting those links, encrypting the data, and adding connectivity AI to the solution.”

However, customers need more than just a great product to benefit from new technology, and that’s another way Elsight is different from others. Elsight now wants to get Halo into the hands of drone companies and they are ready to work with their customers to make that happen. “From a financial perspective, we have developed flexible programs that allow companies to scale at the speed of their business without being hampered by acquisition and CAPX budgets.” They also avoid the idea of ​​a traditional “support system,” which Jonasz says only occurs when there is a problem. Instead, the company uses a success assurance program. “Right from the start, we work with a potential customer and have a defined process that ensures our customer’s success based on their setup [key performance indicators] KPIs and alignment of the entire experience to make sure we exceed them. “

We don’t offer traditional support, we’re not a provider, we’re not a line on an expense report. We are your partner and we are committed to guaranteeing your success – a key differentiator. “

Traction – and speed

Elsight just received another round of funding, and that has helped the company grow even faster. “To say that things are accelerating at Elsight would be an understatement,” says Jonasz. “We have expanded our global engagement strategy, which has subsequently led to an acceleration in Halo sales in the industry and related industries.” A true tech veteran, Jonasz has a great perspective on the concept of “getting traction” in the marketplace: “Traction is transactional,” he says. “It’s a snapshot. When you talk about where you get the most speed, that shows movement and not something finite. “

Elsight sales were concentrated in Israel first and then dragged to other regions including Australia, Singapore, Dubai and the US through customer deployments. They see speed in their geographical distribution and in the different industries in which they operate.

In addition to their unique product offering, Elsight’s corporate culture has been instrumental in the company’s success, according to Jonasz. “You never know how widespread the ‘all-in’ attitude is in a company when you first join. It takes time to get to know people, ”says Jonasz. “It takes time to really feel and experience the individual attitude towards the company and the opportunities that present themselves. The people at Elsight are all in, ”he says. “Our customers know it even better than I do.”

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