Ellemate Iconic Carbonated Drink Maker


The Iconic Carbonated Drink Machine is the answer to all your fizzing needs. With the added bubbling power of the CO2 cartridges, this innovative bottle allows you to create bubbly beverages like sparkling water or carbonated wine right at home. Simply add your beverage of choice and use the one-push fizz technology to instantly create bubbly drinks. Its unique design makes it easy to take anywhere with you while reducing electricity use and eliminating 1,000 plastic beverage bottles from entering a landfill.

  • Carbonates any beverage. Designed to work with any beverage — water, soda, juice, or wine
  • Easy to operate. The cartridge is easy to change & the bottle features an automatic pressure release valve that is engaged when removing
  • One-push fizz technology. Perfect for adding some bubbles to your juice & creating sparkling wine
  • Durable. Made of premium quality materials that will last for years
  • Eco-freindly. Helps eliminate up to 1,000 plastic bottles
  • Cordless & non-electric. Eliminates the need for electric power & cords
  • Fizzle switch. Allows you to carbonate water quickly with a simple bottle release

The Ellemate works with any 60L CO2 cartridge. The CO2 cartridge is not included with the machine.


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