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Electrical Scooter Hero Eddy Auto Evaluation No License Or Registration Hero Eddy

New Delhi: Commuting for short distances and practical modes of transport for urban mobility electric two-wheelers are the need of the hour and it is taking off due to the range plus the practicality of riding one. For short journeys, an electric scooter makes more sense and is cheaper to run than a petrol scooter, especially, with rising fuel prices hitting the two-wheeler owner the most.

This latest electric scooter is built specifically for extremely short distances. The Hero Electric Eddy is an electric scooter that will appeal to many within metros or small towns for a short distance ride or even for local commuting. The electric scooter does not need to be registered and nor does it require a license to ride it. Priced at Rs 72,000 ex-showroom, the scooter also does not qualify for FAME subsidies.

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So why does this scooter not need a license to ride it?

Well its top speed is limited to only 25kmph and the motor is very small but the range is also small at 85km however that would be enough for most riders using it for short journeys only. The Hero Eddy is not a basic scooter though as it gets features like reverse mode, follow me a headlamp, e-lock, find my bike etc. There are two colors too – blue and yellow. It is also fairly practical with decent storage space.

The big question is whether the price makes it worth it since petrol scooters are cheaper or at the same price which offers more practicality and better performance. The price of the Eddy is certainly a bit on the expensive side since something like a Honda Activa or a Suzuki Access offers more at this price. However, for short environmentally friendly transport solutions, this scooter is cheap and will appeal to those who need a hassle-free, affordable electric scooter for quick/short journeys.

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