Edgybees Collection A funding announcement

Drone industry solution provider Edgybees has secured $ 9.5 million in Series A funding as investor interest continues in the drone industry’s entire ecosystem. Maryland-based Edgybees was launched in 2017 and enables defense, public safety, and critical infrastructure drone missions through high-precision geotagging of real-time video feeds.

The latest announcement continues the trend of contracts signed with the drone industry in the first few weeks of 2021: Terra Drone, DroneDeploy and Wingcopter are some of the companies that announced financing deals in 2021.

The Edgybees solution makes drone data more useful to a variety of industries. Edgybees takes an aerial video and puts it into context – to clarify what the stakeholders are seeing and to enable critical decisions. “Gathering this information in real time offers a tremendous advantage in controlling and overcoming dangerous circumstances,” says the Edgybees announcement.

The Edgybees Visual Intelligence Platform ™ provides the industry’s only highly accurate, real-time georegistration and alignment of aerial video. The company’s unique approach enables rapid decision-making by visually enhancing streets, major landmarks and other business-critical data in addition to live video feeds provided through the Edgybees platform or through integration with third-party systems. This operational perspective significantly reduces the time to target and improves team collaboration, situational awareness, and mission effectiveness.

“Our mission is to ensure positive human outcomes during life-saving missions,” stated Adam Kaplan, Co-Founder and CEO of Edgybees. “Our new partners bring with them unique industry knowledge that optimally positions the company to drive innovation and expand our global presence. We look forward to our next phase of growth as we meet the critical needs of defense, public safety and critical infrastructure operators. “

A game changer

“Edgybees can be described as Google Maps merged with live video in real time. Their georeferencing ability is a breakthrough technology that gives video streams from space, drones or body cameras a new level of insight and usability. We are very excited about Edgybees, not only for the innovation it brings to public safety and defense, but also for its ability to be used in a wide variety of industries, ”said Mark Boggett, Managing Partner and CEO of Seraphim Space Find.

Stephen Rodriguez, Venture Partner at Refinery Ventures and Managing Partner at One Defense, describes Edgybees technology as groundbreaking. “The dual-use Edgybees solution is ideal for commercial risk management and national security markets. The ability to display data feeds in real time enables operators, whether they are insurance specialists or drone pilots, to make accurate and timely decisions. A game changer that is perfect for our portfolio. “

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