eco4life Good Odor Eliminator Professional


This eco4life Smart Odor Eliminator is a feature-packed essential for fur parents. This Odor Eliminator contains no active ingredients that will help eliminate smelly elements in the air achieving a deodorizing effect. This deodorizer is manufactured with nontoxic and environmentally safe materials, which makes it safe for you, your family, and your pets. With a 2600mAh battery, this unit can run for up to 7 days and can be charged using a USB charging cable.

  • Unscented deoderizer. Smart odor eliminator uses negative ions to deodorize the air
  • Eco-friendly. Safe to use & the whole deodorization rate can achieve above 80%
  • Auto turn on/off. Turns off automatically when pet nears using an infrared sensor, resumes efficient odor elimination when pet leaves
  • Safe to use. Silent & safe to use around pets and children
  • Long battery life. 2600mAh battery support up to 7 days
  • Rechargeable. Can be charged using a USB charging cable; No more battery replacement required

How to Install

  1. Screw the lid off
  2. Glue the lid to the wall or the litter box
  3. Get the Odor Eliminator stuck on the lid
  4. Screw and fix the Odor Eliminator


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