eBee Geo: SenseFly’s latest mounted wing mapping drone

senseFly, one of the leading fixed-wing map drone companies, has announced a new product in its line of professional mapping drones: the eBee Geo.

eBee drones are known for their unique, incredibly lightweight construction. Its exceptional safety design, combined with flight endurance and sophisticated payload, have made the eBee a leading choice for remote mapping projects around the world.

A cheaper, more user-friendly option: “eBee Geo is the first addition to a new eBee X series of fixed-wing drones and is a cost-effective option for surveyors and GIS experts who are unfamiliar with fixed-wing drone mapping and data acquisition,” says it in a press release from senseFly.

SenseFly’s eBee X solution offers an endurance extension option that enables a flight time of 90 minutes and “single flight coverage of up to 500 ha at 122 m (1,236 A at 400 ft.)”, According to senseFly, including on-demand -RTK / PPK for accuracy of up to 1.5 cm (0.6 in) with no floor control points.

Not every mission needs this distance – and for missions with a shorter range, the new eBee Geo still offers a considerable maximum service life of 45 minutes and a single flight coverage of 160 ha at 122 m (395 A at 400 ft). With its lower price point, eBee GEO is perfect for smaller surveyors and drone service providers. “Operators in a number of industries, including construction, town planning and land management, can also benefit from the RGB imaging capabilities of the included fixed payload of the senseFly SODA camera and, thanks to the available Real from eBee Geo, greater efficiency and absolute accuracy of up to 2 , 5 cm achieve Time Kinematic (RTK) function, ”says the press release.

“By listening carefully to our customers and understanding both their needs and their weaknesses, we saw a growing demand for a solution like the eBee X, but at a lower price,” commented Benjamin Pinguet, product and solution manager at senseFly. “The eBee Geo was developed with these requirements in mind and offers better flight times, range and precision than quadcopter as well as an accessible yet professional mapping solution with a fixed wing.”

eBee Geo continues to offer customers the advantage of working with senseFly. SenseFly is owned by Parrot and is a mature company with a well-developed software and support organization. eBee Geo customers also get access to senseFly’s intuitive eMotion flight planning software, technical support and resource offerings, including the internal team of experts, the global sales network and the newly introduced e-learning training platform and the senseFly Academy’s Certified Operator Program. ”

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