Earlier technology iPad Professional fashions with reductions of as much as 199 items, iPad Air and extra can be found on the market

We keep getting great discounts from Amazon and B&H, where we find that previous generation iPad Pro models get up to 199 discounts on some of their variations. First, the 12.9-inch model with 128GB of storage gets an initial $ 99 discount on the product’s landing page, which then gets a $ 100 discount at checkout and costs just $ 800. Get the 256GB for $ 900 if you choose the Space Gray variant as it offers the same $ 199 discount. However, if you want to get the Silver version instead, you’ll have to pay $ 99 more. Get even more storage as the 512GB storage option is $ 200 less than the regular price, which means you can get one for $ 1,099. The 1TB variant in silver also gets a discount of $ 199, so it’s up for grabs at $ 1,300.

If you want the smaller 11-inch model, you can get one starting at $ 690 if you can settle for 128GB of storage after receiving a $ 109.05 discount. Double your storage for $ 780 and save $ 119.05. However, for the best savings, choose the 512GB and 1TB storage variants, as they both get a $ 150 discount and stay at $ 999 and $ 1,149, respectively.

Other deals include the LG G8X, which is currently on a $ 100 discount and goes for $ 400. This will give you an unlocked device with 128GB of storage, 6GB of RAM, and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. The Sony WHXB900N are on sale too, and you can buy a pair for $ 148 after getting a $ 100 discount. These wireless Bluetooth headphones offer noise cancellation, a battery life of up to 30 hours and great sound. And since it’s amazing sound, you can also get a new Marshall Emberton portable bluetooth speaker for $ 130 off a $ 20 discount, or a Samsung HW-A650 soundbar for $ 298 at 102 Buy US dollar savings.

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