Scooters And One Wheels

E-scooter youths “harass” residents in Prestonpans

A YOUTH was charged after teenagers, some on electric scooters, behaved dangerously in Prestonpans.

East Lothian police said yesterday that some young people pressed the emergency stop buttons on buses in the city, harassing drivers and passengers.

A police spokesman said the behavior was “extremely dangerous” and “has an impact on the local community and services”.

Police today confirmed that a youth has been identified and charged in connection with these alleged incidents.

A report was presented to the juvenile justice officer.

The spokesman added, “Our proactive work continues in this area to reassure the public.”

Additional patrols are carried out by officers in uniformed and civilian clothes.

Parents have been asked by police to “check where their own children are and what they do when they are not home,” particularly with regard to the current lockdown restrictions.

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