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E-Scooter: Spin encourages individuals to report anti-social conduct

The company behind an e-scooter in Colchester has asked people to report any crime or anti-social behavior to the police.

There were also claims that drug dealers were using the scooters for deliveries.

A Colchester resident, who chose to remain anonymous, said a recent attempt to introduce rentable e-scooters to the city had led to an increase in dangerous driving.

In February, Spin launched its public e-scooter test in Colchester.

The resident said, “Using electricity to transport individuals is a good overall concept.

“However, it must be carefully integrated into society if everyone is willing to accept it.”

He added, “I’ve seen many people ride the spin scooters on the sidewalks, mostly on Turner Road and nearby Mill Road.

“I saw several scooter users meandering all the way down Mill Road, with a hesitant line of traffic behind them.

“While I’m being honest, I’m not sure if the opportunities on Mill Road are spin scooters or privately owned.”

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In the instructions on their website, Essex Police point out that the spin e-scooters look different from private scooters and wear an orange ribbon around the bar.

Any e-scooter that is not part of this process is only allowed to be used on private land.

The test scooters also have a built-in technology that turns off the engine if they are moved outside of the prescribed range.

A Spin spokesperson said: “People should always report a crime or anti-social behavior to the police.

“Spin works closely with the Essex Police Department and local councils.

“Spin’s e-scooters are GPS-enabled, making them easy to track when the police ask for help with suspected criminal activity.”

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