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E-scooter service TIER expands to Doha Qatar

The e-scooter brand TIER has expanded its GCC activities to Doha. Qatar will become TIER’s second Middle East market after launching services in Dubai last October.

Doha joins a network of more than 90 cities in 11 countries where TIER is based in Berlin.

The micromobility provider says its scooters will be located near central transportation hubs as well as other busy places across Doha.

The e-scooters from TIER have replaceable battery technology so that the scooters no longer have to be transported to and from the warehouses for charging. TIER employees replace empty batteries on site with freshly charged ones, thus reducing transport costs and CO2 emissions. TIER’s operating model has enabled the company to remain fully carbon neutral since January 2020, the company said.

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TIER e-scooters in Doha are equipped with a large front wheel, wider footplate, double drum brakes and a double suspension mechanism to increase safety.

“With our e-scooters, we are now offering the residents and visitors of Doha an environmentally friendly alternative to move around the city seamlessly and without CO2 emissions,” said Amir Melad, General Manager Middle East at TIER. “In the current Covid-19 situation in particular, the use of our e-scooters makes it easier for users to comply with the WHO recommendations on social and physical distancing.” Mostbet pul çıxarır

TIER charges a fee of QR 3 for activation and a subsequent QR 1 per minute. Drivers can pay by credit card or PayPal. First-time drivers receive two additional activations and 30 free minutes of use, which are added to their account.

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