Scooters And One Wheels

E-scooter regulation urged after lady’s loss of life | information

E-scooters should be regulated like other road vehicles, with speed limits, number plates and mandatory insurance, according to campaigners who warn that Britain is becoming a “wild west” for road safety.

Safety and disability advocates as well as injury lawyers want Grant Shapps, the transport secretary, to introduce measures including a 12.5mph speed limit and to make helmets compulsory. There are more than 750,000 e-scooters in Britain, the vast majority privately owned. Their use on public roads is illegal unless as part of a government trial in England. Emergency crews attended 713 e-scooter accidents in 2021, up from 392 in 2020.

Last week Linda Davis, a grandmother aged 71, became the first pedestrian to be killed by an e-scooter. She was struck by a

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