Scooters And One Wheels

E-scooter pilot program causes controversy in Walton

WALTON COUNTY Fla. (WMBB) – The state of Florida has hired Walton County to approve an e-scooter pilot program that has overridden the current moratorium.

Some commissioners are concerned about the safety of these scooters from others on the pavement and sidewalks. At the most recent commission meeting on Tuesday, the board discussed how the providers and the age of e-scooters can be limited.

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The district chairman for the fifth district, Tony Anderson, has given his opinion. While he supports businesses, he doesn’t support adding these e-scooters. He said these would cause unnecessary accidents and make areas like South Walton unsafe.

“We will limit the number of sellers, limit the number of scooters. We’re going to have geofencing in some areas, ”said Anderson. “But as soon as the pilot program expires. You will be able to go anywhere a bike goes. Now imagine a scooter on 98, it’s bad enough on 30A, but it would be awful on Highway 98. “

It is not yet clear when these e-scooters will arrive in South Walton.

Anderson said there are many more meetings the board has with its planning department to work out the logistics.

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