Scooters And One Wheels

E-scooter parking is an offense to pedestrians | Remark

Official e-scooter hire schemes are being trialled around the country


I understand that “legit e-scooters” are prohibited from being ridden on the pavement (“Million e-scooters on the road — but most are ridden illegally”, News, last week). So why is it that when a rider has finished with a hired scooter it is left parked on the pavement, obstructing the right of way of pedestrians, wheelchair users and others, and not at the kerbside? If the law has changed to make it an offense to park a car on the pavement throughout England, will it also apply to e-scooters?
Graham Matthews, Milton Keynes

Licenses at the ready
E-scooters are a key part of the future of mobility. I have one and regularly do a ten-mile commute along cycle paths and back roads. However,

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