Scooters And One Wheels

E-scooter driver filmed at 80 km / h on a two-lane highway | Scotland

An e-scooter driver was filmed while driving around 50 a.m. overtaking traffic on a two-lane road.

The video shows the man doing wheelies, standing on one leg, as he approaches a roundabout on the A972 north of Dundee.

One passenger who was filming the driver said, “He came behind our car, we didn’t know what it was. He passed us so quickly and we hit the speed limit – 40 mph – so obviously he was going a lot faster.

“He also wore a bobble hat instead of a helmet and did wheelies, crouched and basically showed boating all the way.”

E-scooters were legalized on the streets in the UK in July, but only if they were obtained through a share program. horse riding

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