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E-scooter compliance is enhancing in Edmonton, solely two tickets had been issued through the weekend enforcement flash for unlawful sidewalk use

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Only two tickets were issued for illegal electric scooter use on Edmonton’s sidewalks during an enforcement flash on Saturday, with compliance increasing since May.

In the third season of e-scooters on the streets of Edmonton, city peace officials are issuing tickets for violations for the first time after safety concerns have risen over the use of them on sidewalks in busy business districts like Downtown and Old Strathcona.

City spokesman Jim Stang announced the results of the planned enforcement in a statement to Postmedia on Monday, saying two $ 100 tickets and two separate warnings for the use of e-scooters on sidewalks were issued on Saturday. Peace officers aimed to monitor downtown and Old Strathcona, where most of the concerns were.

The results are a significant drop from the first round of enforcement on the long weekend of Victoria Day, which saw 17 fines and 127 warnings issued. Peace officials observed good compliance, Stang said, with the majority of drivers driving on permitted infrastructure such as roads with a speed limit of 50 km / h or less, protected bike lanes, or shared lanes.

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“This was the second enforcement aimed at users of e-scooters to ensure people abide by the rules that prohibit their operation on sidewalks,” Stang said in the statement. “Further enforcement efforts can be carried out throughout the summer.”

During the 2019 and 2020 seasons combined, the city issued 59 warnings and no tickets. E-scooter use is prohibited on sidewalks, park lanes that the city does not maintain, or lanes converted to terraces this summer on Jasper Avenue, 124 Street, and several streets in Old Strathcona. According to city regulations, people under the age of 18 are not allowed to drive an e-scooter.

Peace officers will continue to monitor compliance with the rules during their regular patrols, but additional periods of escalated enforcement may take place if concerns persist.

With three vendors already roaming the streets of Edmonton in Bird, Lime and Spin Mobility, the city has put more bids on hold for this year. A review is currently in progress to identify the appropriate number of vendors, taking into account demand and security and enforcement capabilities. Between 2,000 and 2,500 e-scooters are currently allowed on the streets of Edmonton.

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