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E-scooter check in Birmingham prolonged till March subsequent yr

Birmingham City Council has announced that it will extend its e-scooter tests for another year.

Proponents of the program say using scooters improves air quality, but some still have concerns about their safety.

The controversial decision met with opposition as people labeled the vehicles a “threat”.

The rollout of E-scooter The streets of England have left hundreds of injuries and more than 1,000 complaints, according to local councils.

ITV News Central spoke to Sarah Gayton, a street access campaign coordinator for the United Kingdom’s National Association of the Blind, who says the trials must stop.

In July 2021, the campaign group went to Downing Street to launch a petition asking the government to join a man’s brother in banning it NSom Northampton who died after falling on an e-scooter

E-scooter tests: this is how they work

  • Trials of e-scooter rentals are taking place in more than 50 cities in England, run by 11 private companies.

  • Most of the programs have e-scooters scattered around town that you can pick up and rent using a mobile app. Others allow monthly rentals where you keep the e-scooter at home.

  • You must have a provisional or full driver’s license to rent an e-scooter and you can pay the same penalties as in a car for driving dangerously or under the influence of alcohol.

  • During the rental tests, you are advised – but not required – to wear a helmet and the e-scooters are limited to 25 km / h.

  • Geofencing technology often prevents you from driving in prohibited areas or from slowing down the speed of the e-scooter.

  • Only e-scooters in the rental trials are legal on UK roads. Driving a private e-scooter was and is always illegal. If stopped, you could have your e-scooter seized by the police, fined £ 300 and get six points on your driver’s license.

A spokesman for Voi, who runs the Northamptonshire program, said most drivers are responsible and most journeys are trouble-free.

They went on to say: “Every death on the streets is tragic, but like cyclists and pedestrians, e-scooter drivers are also vulnerable road users.

“A dedicated driving area and a parking infrastructure will help create an even safer system for bicycle and e-scooter drivers, reverse the dependency on cars and make cities safer, healthier and more sustainable for everyone.”

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The decision comes just weeks after a video recently surfaced of a drunk e-scooter driver being caught by police while using the motorway to get home after a night out in Birmingham.

The man was spotted on the busy Aston Expressway from downtown.

He was once filmed walking next to the scooter in the middle of the seven-lane carriageway.

However, ahead of today’s decision, there was an exhibit at Warwick University with a presentation by those supporting the electric vehicle trend in the presence of West Midlands Mayor Andy Street.

ITV News Central hit social media today (September 7th) at Hear your thoughts on e-scooters.

Gary Jordan said, “You are a threat and should be scrapped.”

Robert Cole joined the debate and said, “You need to fine-tune the areas they can be dropped off in so they aren’t just scattered all over the place. You also need to make sure that pedestrian zones have limited speeds. I used one in Bath and it works. So I’m all for them. “

Gavin Harley also commented, “Prohibit them, very dangerous.”

And Nicola Lloyd doesn’t think they should be scrapped, she said: “They are good when used properly and it prevents people from having to use the bus or a car to reduce pollution.”

You can read all the comments here.

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