DRONEII Drone Trade Barometer 2022

The DRONEII Drone Industry Barometer 2022 is out – and the results of the survey reveal what drone manufacturers, service providers, and users experienced in the last 12 months, and anticipate for next year.

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The Drone Industry Barometer measures industry sentiment – ​​comparing what companies surveyed expected over the last year, and how those expectations were met. The survey also reveals what most drone industry stakeholders feel is the major force driving the industry right now – and why most enterprise companies use drones in-house, or through service providers.

The Top Commercial Application for Drones

The top commercial application for drones remains photography and filming. Photography and filming are the main application for 48% of in-house drone programs, and 33% of drone services providers. Photography and Filming is closely followed by Mapping and Surveying, with Inspection at third. While drone delivery has received a lot of press, it still only represents a small percentage of commercial applications performed in-house or by drone services providers.

What’s Driving the Industry Right Now?

While delivery, spraying, and other advanced applications may be in development, in many places those applications run up against heavy regulation. That may be why 45% of respondents said that rule-making authorities are a market-driving factor in the drone industry. Despite a lot of progress, clarity on regulatory issues like BVLOS flight, remote ID, and unmanned traffic management is still critical for industry growth.

Why Do Most Companies Adopt Drones?

One of the most interesting insights revealed in the Barometer is the reason that most companies invest in a drone program, either in-house or through a drone services provider. While drones offer significant savings over traditional methods of mapping, surveying, inspection, and more, that’s a secondary benefit for many companies. Instead, 41% of respondents said improved workplace safety was “very important,” followed by saving time and improved quality.

What are Companies Spending Money On?

A graph showing the change in how drone companies are allocating resources over the last five years clearly shows the development of the industry. In 2018, the biggest investments were in product development. As the industry has matured, development is now balanced by expenditures in sales and marketing and staffing development.

For more detail – and to see how companies expectations of 2022 matched reality – download the complete DRONEII Drone Industry Barometer 2022 here.

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