DRONEII Annual Drone Business Barometer

DRONEII’s Annual Drone Industry Barometer is now open! Be counted in this critical piece of drone industry research. Respond at this link to the survey in all languages.

The Drone Industry Barometer has grown since its inception in 2018. The 5th Drone Industry Barometer saw a record of 891 responses from 81 countries, providing a broad and credible survey base to answer questions on dozens of topics: including the top drone application methods, top reasons for companies to adopt drones, and who they consider the most important market-driving actors. These industry responses have provided all players in the drone industry with critical insights about the needs and challenges facing the sector.

Not only is participation in the survey a valuable contribution to industry growth, there are more benefits and incentives. Respondents will receive a copy of the completed Barometer, and the chance to win a Skydio drone. In addition, event partners Amsterdam Drone Week, Commercial UAV Expo, Dronitaly, Interaerial Solutions, Japan Drone have offered the opportunity to win free tickets to events, making the barometer even more global, inclusive and representative than ever.

“[The  Drone Industry Barometer] is a tool to help everyone in the industry understand what is being done with drone technology all around the world,” says DRONEII. “Please share the survey to drone professionals in every corner of the globe, and stay tuned for the results after summer of 2023.”

Respond at this link to the survey in all languages.

From DRONEII, the answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. “Is this survey open to anyone?”

The survey is meant for drone professionals. That is: for people who use drones for work and make money from it. Primarily these are drone companies, but many drone pilots who want to participate (especially those registered as some sort of business) will be able to respond as “drone service providers”. However, please do not respond as an individual drone pilot if you work for a company. Speak to your company so that only one response from the company is submitted explaining how it operates as a business.

  1. “What if I am not a drone professional but I really want to participate somehow?”

Drone Industry Insights (Droneii) is exploring some ideas so that drone lovers all around the world who want to spread our message can also get rewarded. However, this idea will likely only take off next year, so in the meantime please simply share our survey (do not try to fill it out), tag Droneii on Linkedin and/or Twitter, and use the hashtags #droneii and/or #dronedustryinsights.

  1. “I am a drone professional. Why should I take 10-20 minutes of my time to fill this?”

The Drone Industry Barometer is the most comprehensive and far-reaching survey for drone professionals by drone professionals. It is the one time each year where we can all come together even if we are in separate places and completing it at different times. Many people wonder how many drone companies are out there, where they are, and what they are all doing. This is one way to find out. That is also why we have taken the trouble to translate it into some major languages ​​(English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) so that as many companies as possible can respond in their own language (but we apologize for that we cannot cover more languages ​​at the time). Thanks to some fantastic partner events, we also managed to set up some amazing rewards for participants who complete the survey.

  1. “What are the rewards for participating in the survey?”

Thanks to various industry partners, this year Droneii is able to offer a lot more rewards in return for your participation, which include:

  • a free Drone Industry Barometer 2023 White Paper with the final survey results
  • a free ticket to Dronitaly (11-13 October 2023)
  • a free ticket to the INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS part of INTERGEO (10-12 October 2023)
  • a chance to win:
  • an opportunity to win a Skydio drone!

For those who are curious, here is the announcement of winners from 2022.

  1. “How long will the survey stay open?”

The survey will begin collecting signatures on Tuesday, 2 May 2023 and will close on Friday, 30 June 2023. However, please do not wait until the last minute; the survey takes the same amount of time whether you do it sooner or later, but at some point it will indeed be too late.

  1. “You also mention the Drone Environment Market Map in the rewards. Why?”

The Drone Environment Market Map is immensely popular and downloaded thousands of times over the course of the year. Understandably, every company wants to be on there and to some it has become a form of status or recognition to be featured on the map. But it is worth emphasizing that this product requires a lot of time and effort even though in the end it’s a free product. The latest version featured over a thousand companies, but for this to happen Drone Industry Insights has to check the entire database of thousands of companies, check if they are still operational, check for new activities to categorize them, check if the logo has changed, update the database that will be released alongside the map… and then organize all logos neatly into a visually-appealing infographic.

This year, the Drone Industry Barometer will be connected to the Market Map in the sense that it will Streamline the search for active companies and their correct logos. Although Droneii cannot guarantee that the company will in fact be featured, it certainly helps a lot by simplifying the workload and showing that the company is also interested in helping Drone Industry Insights.

  1. “Hmmm. I see some financial questions. I don’t like this.”

We are aware that many companies might be skeptical about answering these questions, so our simplest response which you can copy-paste is this:

It’s completely understandable to be skeptical or worried about providing this information. First of all, these questions are optional, so you may skip them if they’d like. However, this information helps categorize and sort the industry. A company of 1-10 people in Switzerland will have a much different level of revenue in USD than a company of the same size in China given the different currencies and different costs require to break even (and we do not ask about operational or any other costs).

That is why the questions are presented in US$ ranges rather than asking for a specific number. Drone Industry Insights does not care to try and figure out which company said what or how much money they individually claim to make (nor do they have the time and energy to do so). Since these questions are also self-reported, they would not be reliable for a proper financial analysis. Again, therefore the purpose is to simply get an idea of ​​the activity happening in the global industry, so we would sincerely appreciate if you answer these questions [truthfully].

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