DroneDeploy gives free software program for hurricane aid

The drone mapping platform DroneDeploy offers free software for hurricane relief.

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian Crosby

DroneDeploy has announced that it will provide free software access to any organization or government agency involved in conducting drone response efforts in areas affected by the ongoing Hurricane Ida disaster. With the stated mission of making drone data more accessible and available for everyone, the Californian company is responsible for the leading cloud software program for commercial drones. Their software is used in more than 180 countries worldwide and their customers have mapped 200 million acres.

DroneDeploy is no stranger to assisting disaster response teams. The company has a wealth of experience supporting disaster relief efforts with advanced mapping, post-disaster inspections and incident reporting by drone, which is particularly helpful when dealing with hard-to-reach and unsafe areas. In 2020, the company’s nonprofit partnered with Disaster Relief Australia to provide the organization with access to aerial photography technology. The previous year, their aerial mapping software was used in disaster relief operations and damage assessments following the fatal campfire in California. The non-profit arm of the company works with more than 200 universities and over 80 non-profit organizations.

The organizations and agencies that are granted access for ongoing disaster relief can use the DroneDeploy cloud processing platform. In addition, these users receive priority assistance from the company’s crisis response and technical support teams.

For more information on how organizations interested in participating can gain access to the software program, please visit here.

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