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Drone Tournament 2022 at Helsinki, June 8-10

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

This year’s Drone Tournament in Helsinki, Finland, is attempting to address obstacles facing the utilization of drones. The tournament will feature three challenges, each relating to equipment landing and precision flight in a range of transforming environments. Participants will have access to an extensive assortment of navigation and sensor technology to work with.

Ultrahack will be in charge of carrying out the challenges alongside Robots Expert. Each of the challenges will be sponsored by tournament partners Septentrio, U-Blox and Telia. The three companies will provide 5G technology for the purpose of providing navigation and transferring video footage to operators, as the flight missions are to be carried out without a direct line of sight to the drone. Stara will be sponsoring the Last-Mile Logistics Challenge, which involves a simulated rapid delivery to a boat on the water, via the use of Stara’s proprietary system and subcontracting chain.

“We have been involved in researching the development of safe drone transport in Finland for two years. This competition offers an excellent showcase for what drones are in fact capable of today,” said Telia Senior Business Manager Arttu Rantala. “This is a great place to test out short delay utilization in a very demanding environment. I believe we will be able to take a big step towards safe and secure drone transport.”

Awards for the tournament’s winners include monetary prizes and the possibility of negotiating commercial agreements for further development of the solutions, while all event participants will receive satellite technology from U-blox and Septentrio.

“We are excited to bring back to life such an impactful event and to learn more about the cutting edge of drone flight innovation,” said Ultrahack co-founder Juhani Kivikangas. “It’s exciting to be upfront and close to see how drone technology is developing to become part of today’s world. Challenges about last mile logistics have also been a hot topic for a long time and it is interesting to see how drones can fulfill that need in today’s complex environment.”

The Drone Tournament 2022 will be held in Helsinki, Finland from June 8-10th, with spectators welcome to watch and attend.

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