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AUVSI Hill Day 2023: An Inside View of the Policies, Priorities, and Problems Under Discussion (DRONELIFE Exclusive)

AUVSI recently hosted their annual Hill Day, an opportunity for drone industry stakeholders to gather and meet policy makers, face to face. In this DRONELIFE Exclusive, one attendee’s summary and takeaways.

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DroneLife Drone – News – Of – The – Week – May – 5Our technology is pretty good; our will to do good is even greater, but without the support of regulators and lawmakers, it cannot live up to its full potential. It is for that reason that I put on a suit – something I typically reserve for funerals and weddings – and joined an incredible team of like-minded drone pioneers to spend the day in the halls of congress, talking with lawmakers about what’s working, and what needs attention in our industry.

Apellix on the Drone Radio Show Podcast: Robotics Platforms for Painting, Coating, Cleaning and More

Robert Dahlstrom, CEO and Founder of Apellix, talks about how company’s revolutionary drones are making it safer and more efficient to complete hazardous jobs, including painting and coating, pressure cleaning, and non-destructive testing.

Demonstrating the Commercial and Scientific Potential of Drone Show Technology, on “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch”

Drone show provider Sky Elements Drone Shows has completed a unique scientific experiment with the use of SPH Engineering’s Drone Light Show Technologies. The drone light show is part of an episode of “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch”, a TV series exploring the mysteries of a location with an extensive history of unexplained phenomena, such as UFO sightings, crop circles, and unexplained animal mutilations. The show’s team of scientists and experts utilize leading technology, such as drones, to study and investigate these occurrences.

DroneShield at the IRONMAN: Protecting Athletic Events from Rogue Drones

Counter UAS company DroneShield has announced that after commissioning a follow-on order, the Montgomery County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (MCOHSEM) has deployed DroneShield’s DroneSentry System for the IRONMAN Triathlon Championships 2023 for the second year in a row. The high-profile event was held earlier this month in Woodlands, Texas, drawing athletes and spectators from across the globe. Increased drone activity in recent years necessitated the use of counter drone measures in order to ensure the safety and security of the event

A Big Win for Drone Delivery in Florida: New Legislation Will Smooth the Way for Drone Ports

Last Thursday, April 27, lawmakers in the Florida House voted unanimously to pass SB 1068, designed to ease the way for drone delivery in Florida. SB1068 is an addendum to Florida’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems Act, and is designed to preempt local regulations regarding the development of drone delivery ports, infrastructure critical to operating drone delivery services at scale. Drone delivery ports such as those proposed by Walmart for their residential delivery services are not large structures, but a lack of definition, standards, and understanding about drone delivery infrastructure can lead to lengthy approval processes in some communities.

EnforceAir Counter Drone Software Upgrade: New Remote ID, Detection, Identification, and Mitigation Capabilities

Today, Counter-UAS technology leader D-Fend Solutions announced the release of Version 23.03 of its EnforceAir software. The upgrade introduces a host of new features, such as enhanced core drone takeover capabilities and coverage, enhanced Remote ID functionality, new Reporting and Analysis features, and upgraded information sharing for the SAPIENT C-UAS standard.

US Drone Manufacturer Inspired Flight Integrates Phase One P3 Camera for Survey and Inspection

Commercial sUAS manufacturer Inspired Flight Technologies and aerial photography system developer Phase One have announced the launch of a new plug and play solution which integrates the Inspired Flight IF1200A and the Phase One P3 camera. The solution brings together advanced aerial imaging and flexible operations to serve a broad range of surveying and inspection applications.

A2Z Launches the RDSX Pelican Long Distance Delivery Drone

Commercial drone delivery solutions developer A2Z Drone Delivery has released its new RDSX Pelican delivery drone. The RDSX Pelican features a hybrid VTOL airframe without control surfaces, combining the stability of a multirotor platform with the long range of a fixed wing craft. The new drone will be displayed for the first time at AUVSI XPONENTIAL in Denver, Colorado from May 9th-11th.

Arkansas Bans Chinese Drones, Gives Agencies 4 Years to Phase Out Foreign Tech

Arkansas has followed Florida in a ban on Chinese drones: but Arkansas lawmakers have taken a realistic approach to phasing out technology manufactured by a “covered entity.” This bill has no impact on commercial or civil operations in the state, and is applicable only to public agencies. Arkansas House Bill 1653, now Act 525, prohibits the purchase or operation of drones manufactured in China or other “covered entity” countries. The Act is similar to a recently passed Florida bill, but differs in significant ways that make the Act more manageable for public safety agencies.

Headed to Xponential Next Week? Some of the Cant Miss Events and Tech

Headed to Xponential 2023 in Denver next week? It’s a big show with lots to see. Here are some of our favorite events – and a list of great tech to visit on the floor. Please support our friends and sponsors by learning more about the innovative solutions they have to offer.

Smaller, Smarter, and Safer: ModalAI VOXL 2 Mini is a supercomputer the size of an Oreo™

Until just a few days ago, ModalAI’s VOXL 2 was the world’s smallest flying supercomputer. The San Diego, California based company just revealed itself with its newest release, the VOXL 2 Mini. Here’s how this latest Blue UAS Framework-compatible assembled-in-the-USA autopilot stacks up and infuses an impressive amount of computing power in the industry’s smallest sized form factor to date.

Medical Drone Delivery Pioneer Zipline Valuation Rises to $4.2 Billion

As reported by Forbes, drone delivery startup Zipline is currently raising $330 million in a new funding round. A filing in Delaware on April 10th revealed the Series F funding round, which priced Zipline at $40.20 per share. This funding values ​​the company at roughly $4.2 billion, approximately a 55% increase over its $2.7 billion valuation from two years prior. Also detailed in the filing was a Series F-1 extension of up to $20 million which could still be rolled into the round, potentially changing the exact total raised. A lead investor has yet to be identified.

A New Affordable, NDAA-Compliant Small Drone from Japan: the ACSL SOTEN Enters US Market

Leading Japanese drone maker ACSL Ltd. has announced its official entrance into the US commercial drone market. The company’s California subsidiary, ACSL Inc., will be introducing an affordable NDAA compliant small UAS to the US market later this year. ACSL Inc.’s market entrance will be led by CEO Cynthia Huang, a member of the Commercial UAV Advisory Board who previously led DJI’s North American Enterprise segment as well as drone software company Auterion.

Wireless Charging and Data Transfer for Drones: WiBotic’s PowerPad Pro

Today, charging and power optimization company WiBotic introduced PowerPad Pro, a stand-alone platform capable of integrating into any UAV storage facility. The platform automatically charges drones without physical connection points, all while wirelessly transferring flight data, images and video. “PowerPad Pro enhances drone functionality for our partners working in environments where autonomous or semi-autonomous operations are a priority,” said WiBotic CEO and co-founder Ben Waters.

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