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SkySafe Launches New Drone Forensics Certification Course

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Drone defense and airspace security company SkySafe has announced its launch of a new certification course offering in-depth training on Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) forensic analysis.

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As the sole provider of all UAS capabilities for SCG Canada’s Covert Forensic Imaging Device (CFID), SkySafe is able to provide unique insight and training on all aspects of UAS forensics. As such, the company developed the Applied UAS Forensics certification course, granting law enforcement and forensic examiners the necessary skills to conduct forensic analysis on small commercial and consumer drones.

“SkySafe is a leader in the drone forensics space,” said SkySafe Founder and CEO Grant Jordan. “We’re excited to bring drone forensics training and certification to the market. As more drones become available, more people are finding opportunities to use drones for criminal activities. We want to provide law enforcement and investigators with the skills they need to combat these threats and prosecute the offenders.”

The course covers such topics as best practices for seizure and recovery of UAS devices, including storage, handling, and transportation of recovered drones, in addition to detailed information for conducting UAS teardowns. Participants will also receive hands-on training with a CFID, being taught analysis techniques for extracted artifacts and methods of evaluating patterns of life activity to determine threat potential.

“Our goal is to go beyond just teaching students about the popular tools for data extraction and analysis, and instead provide examiners with the key skills needed to become subject matter experts,” said SkySafe Director of Reverse Engineering Sarah Frances.

The first class will be held in San Diego from May 22nd to 24th, with further in-person and virtual classes to be held in the future. For further information on SkySafe’s drone forensics offerings, or to register for the certification course, visit www.skysafe.io/drone-forensics

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