Dream Shade Blackout Cushioned Eye Masks (Set of two)


Get the best sleep of your life with Dream Shade’s low-rebound memory foam eye mask! Crafted with premium 6-layer low rebound memory foam, this eye mask is designed to be lightweight and breathable while providing maximum comfort during sleep. The 3D contoured design ensures that your eyelids and eye makeup are never touched, giving you a safe and undisturbed night’s rest. Made with a smooth cooling silk lining for ultimate comfort. The protective curve contour design makes for effortless comfort all throughout the night. Side straps are adjustable for a personalized sleep experience. 100% blackout allows for your mind and body to be at ease as you drift off into the most peaceful sleep of your dreams.

  • 6-layer low rebound memory foam. Designed to be lightweight & breathable while providing maximum comfort during sleep
  • 3D contoured design. Ensures that your eyelids & eye makeup are never touched
  • Smooth cooling silk lining. For added comfort
  • Side straps. Adjustable for personalized sleep experience
  • 100% blackout. Allows your mind & body to be at ease as you doze off


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