Scooters And One Wheels

Drag race: Citroen Ami vs. electrical scooters vs. e-bikes vs. RC automobiles

Most Carwow drag races will see some of the best, best performing performance cars battle each other. Today exactly the opposite is the case.

The star of today’s showdown is the Citroen Ami. This car (well, kind of) is mostly intended for French teenagers, but today it will use all 8 horsepower to tackle an unusual mix of electric vehicles.

Weighing just 500 kg, it has a power-to-weight ratio of 16 hp per ton – for comparison: a Bugatti Chiron has around 750 hp per ton.

The good news for the Ami, however, is that it will face a more humble opponent than a W16-powered hypercar. Its first challenger is an electric scooter – or more precisely, a Pure Air Pro.

It’s powered by a 700W motor that produces around 0.93 horsepower, despite weighing in at just 17.5 kg (without a driver, of course).

Next, the Ami will be a GoCycle G4i e-bike. It is equipped with a 500 W motor (approx. 0.75 hp) that provides electrical assistance when pedaling. However, at 16.5 kg, this is a little heavier than the scooter.

This is followed by smaller electric vehicles, actually two remote-controlled cars – and very different ones.

The first is a Ford Escort Mk2 based on a Tamiya MF-01X chassis, and the other is a Frankenstein monster made of bits, built from scratch by Carwow’s in-house news editor Nick.

Both weigh about 1.5 kg and are powered by tiny RC car motors.

So what will prove to be the strongest in one of the weirdest Carwow Drag Race matches? Well, you have to be careful to find out …

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