Double Barrel Digital Evening Imaginative and prescient Binoculars


These digital night vision binoculars are designed to be multifunctional to give you the most comfortable view without harming your eyes. The two 3W infrared illuminator LEDs in the eyepiece screen emit infrared light that penetrates deep into the night to illuminate objects normally invisible to the human eye. With a 4x zooming feature, the double barrel digital night vision binoculars will help you to enjoy the beautiful night sky in more detail.

  • Infrared illuminator. Can be used day & night without being limited by ambient light
  • 3W infrared LED screen. Enables you to observe the target in complete darkness
  • TFT widescreen display. Can customize the focus for clear viewing
  • Multifunctional. Allows you to take a photo, record a video, & playback
  • Wide application. Perfect for you to observe wildlife, hunting, camping, outdoor exploration, & more


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