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Dolby Atmos makes its solution to audiobooks with Audible assist

While Dolby Atmos is typically associated with cutty edge home cinema tech, it’s begun to spread its wings more recently. Plenty of smartphones and tablets support the audio standard. Even Apple Music offers streaming in the surround sound format! But Dolby Atmos has another type of content in its sights – audiobooks. And Audible’s latest update delivers Atmos to your ears in full surround sound glory.

In an update to Audible, users can now access certain titles in Dolby Atmos. This brings the surround sound tech to audiobook listeners. Narration will appear in a virtual soundscape, which allows for sound to travel around your head. You should enjoy listening through a set of speakers or earbuds that support Atmos for the full effect. It allows creators to add multidimensional sound to their audiobooks, and create layers that appear to travel. The result? A more immersive experience for listeners.

So far, only a select number of titles will be available in Dolby Atmos. These include The Little Mermaid, Letters From Camp, Maejor Frequency, The Prophecy, and The Sandman: Act III. All in all, it’s around 40 of the most popular titles on the platform. Expect more titles to be added over time, including future releases. You can search “Dolby Atmos” in the Audible app to view all the audiobooks that support the format.

Audible’s update is rolling out from today, 24 March. That means you’ll be able to access audiobook titles in Dolby Atmos format as soon as your device updates the app.

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