Do you have to purchase Apple Watch Collection Eight now or anticipate Collection 9

The Apple Watch is a device that Apple has refreshed annually since its introduction in 2015. And its latest iteration, Apple Watch Series 8, picks up where Series 7 left off in terms of design and features, adding only a few new sensors, most notable of which was the one that records temperature. Now, nearly a year since its launch, we’re closer than ever to seeing its successor — Apple Watch Series 9 — arrive in the market, so is buying an Apple Watch Series 8 a good decision? Here we look at four reasons why you should buy an Apple Watch Series 8 now instead of waiting for its successor.

1. Buying an Apple Watch Series 8 will help you save

With its near bezel-less display and an array of capable sensors, if you’re looking for a device to stay connected or track general wellness, the Apple Watch Series 8 does lead the pack of offerings. Its time in the market guarantees that you will find it at a steep discount in the coming months, and trust us when we say it’s likely that you won’t miss much.

Only those using a much older model, like the Series 4 or the Series 5, needed to jump ship to the Apple Watch Series 8. A move was unnecessary for those like me, who owned the Series 7. And with the swirling rumors of the Apple Watch Series X, we’d bet there won’t be much reason to jump over to Series 9, making the Series 8 a great buy that saves money.

Apple Watch Series 8

$330 $399 Save $69

Apple Watch Series 8 takes the crown from Series 7, becoming the best wearable to buy and keeping track of your fitness levels and notifications. It promises all-day battery life and a new body temperature sensor to improve metric accuracy.

2. Apple Watch Series 8 will help you start your wellness journey

The next generation of devices is something that’ll always be on the horizon, but if you’re hoping to get started on your wellness journey, having a device as soon as possible is key. The Apple Watch Series 8 supports several common sports modes and is unarguably one of the most accessible smartwatches to get an ECG reading.

And for women’s health, the added temperature sensor on Apple Watch Series 8, only improves the ability to track menstrual cycles, helping for better health management and family planning. Lastly, the Fitness Plus service that Apple has been curating with content is also a great way to get motivation and not stray from your journey to better well being.

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Another advantage of the Apple Watch is its ability to stay connected to your iPhone. Once paired, if your iPhone is in Bluetooth range or connected to the Apple Watch via a common Wi-Fi network, it will relay every notification — provided you’ve set up the Apple Watch to deliver notifications — or call that appears on your phone. It can even serve as a remote control for your iPhone camera, allowing you to take images from afar. And if you own an iPhone 14 Pro, the proximity of the wearable to your phone will even activate or disable the Always-On display to help you save battery. Several other unique features like this come into play when your Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone, which helps make your life simpler.

4. Apple Watch Series 8 will receive watchOS 10

It’s obvious that since Apple Watch Series 8 was released in 2022, it will receive many of the upcoming watchOS updates, including watchOS 10, when Apple releases the update this Fall 2023. Still, another thing that tends to happen is certain features don’t make their way to older hardware. But from everything we’ve seen so far, Apple Watch Series 8 will receive every one of the features that watchOS 10 is going to bring; this reduces another point of difference between it and its successor.

You should not buy the Apple Watch Series 8 if…

Now, while there are several positive reasons to consider buying the wearable, there are also some counterarguments as to why you should not buy the Apple Watch Series 8; we’ll look at these below:

You want to see an efficiency upgrade

Ever since Apple introduced the S6 processor — with roots from the A13 processor — on the Apple Watch Series 6, it hasn’t improved the performance component of the Apple Watch. Both Series 7 and Series 8, which feature the S7 and S8 processors, are also based on the same technology. But according to rumors, it seems Apple will be introducing upgrades to the S9 processor by using the A15 Bionic processor’s architecture as the base. This means Apple Watch Series 9 is likely to be more efficient and snappier with the user interface.

You’re looking for a more rugged wearable

If you want more rugged hardware on your wrist, we recommend looking at the Apple Watch Ultra rather than the standard model. This wearable features a larger screen and is more resistant to damage with its sapphire-crystal screen, titanium body, and resilient IP rating. There is also an additional button here and the Digital Crown and Side Button —called the Activity Button — that will let you control certain actions on the watch.

You’re looking for a kid-friendly Apple Watch

Lastly, if you’re looking to buy an Apple Watch to use its family-oriented features and hand one to your kids, we recommend the Apple Watch SE (2nd generation). The wearable is not only lighter, but it’s also cheaper. Yes, it has a reduced feature set as it doesn’t feature an Always-On display, can’t capture an ECG, or monitor Blood Oxygen levels. Still, it does enough by helping you stay connected with your children while they’re out and about.

Apple Watch Series 8 is a good purchase in 2023

The Apple Watch is an accessory that we define as a must-have product, especially if you own other devices from Apple’s renowned walled garden. And in 2023, if you’re looking to buy a flagship wearable, the Apple Watch Series 8 will suffice for all your daily needs! So, if you find a good deal on the wearable, we’d suggest you pounce on it rather than wait it out for the upcoming generation.

Apple Watch Series 8

$330 $399 Save $69

Apple Watch Series 8 takes the crown from Series 7, becoming the best wearable to buy and keeping track of your fitness levels and notifications. It promises all-day battery life and a new body temperature sensor to improve metric accuracy.

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