DJI New Industrial Drone Matrice 350 RTK

DJI Launches Matrice 350 RTK Flagship Drone

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Today, drone and aerial imaging leader DJI launched the DJI Matrice 350 RTK (M350 RTK), an upgraded flagship drone platform offering more adaptable, safe and efficient aerial operations.

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“It’s great to see how commercial drone pilots around the world use DJI platforms to carry out their operations with increased safety and more effectively than using traditional technology,” said Christina Zhang, Senior Director of Corporate Strategy at DJI. “The new capabilities offered by the advanced technology of the M350 RTK enables operators to push these boundaries even further.”

The M350 RTK has a max flight time of 55 minutes and a payload capacity of 2.7kg. In addition, the new DJI O3 Enterprise Transmission offers triple-channel 1080p HD live feeds and a max transmission distance of 20 km via its four-antenna transceiver system. The system is able to determine which two antennas are optimal to transmit signals, while all four receive signals simultaneously.

The M350 RTK’s IP rating has been improved from IP45 to IP55, and its six-directional binocular vision system and infrared sensing system grant six-directional awareness, positioning, and obstacle-sensing capabilities. The drone’s new arm lock detection function avoids the risk of unlocked arm sleeves. The M350 RTK also incorporates a multi-layered redundancy design in both the aircraft and sensor system. Additionally, the FPV camera has been enhanced to allow for safer nighttime operations. A CSM radar can also be purchased separately and mounted on the top of the drone, granting a range of up to 30m for subtle obstacles within the 360° detection range.

The drone comes with the DJI RC Plus, providing the operator with a 7-inch high-bright screen, the option of Dual Operator Mode and an operating time of up to six hours with a standard WB37 external battery. It is dustproof and waterproof to IP54 and has an operating temperature of -20° to 50° C (-4° to 122° F). It has buttons and dials on the front, back and top, along with customizable button functions. The RC Plus’ app, Pilot 2, improves efficiency with a full range of options to manage the drone and project.

Efficiency is further increased with the drone’s intelligent functions. AI Spot Check can automate routine inspections and capture consistent results. PinPoint can mark an object and have its coordinates calculated and projected to all camera views as an AR icon, especially useful in search and rescue operations.

The M350 RTK’s new TB65 battery has a 100% increased battery cycle count and can be charged up to 400 cycles. Its dual-battery system supports battery hot swapping, enabling multiple flights without powering off.

The new BS65 Intelligent Battery Station offers multiple charging modes and 360°-movement wheels for convenient transportation. When the battery station is connected to DJI RC Plus, the DJI Pilot 2 app will display the battery status and health information. The user will also be able to set the number of self-discharge days, update firmware, export logs, and access other quick operations with a single tap.

The M350 RTK supports a single downward gimbal, dual downward gimbals, and single upward gimbal, and has an E-Port open interface. Its max payload capacity of 2.7 kg lets it carry up to three payloads at once to meet a wide range of operations.

Users can further improve the M350 RTK’s versatility through the use of the DJI SDK and API ecosystem, including Payload SDK, Mobile SDK, and Cloud API.

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