Desk Mat Professional + 2 Magnetic Cable Block Supervisor Bundle


The Desk Mat Pro + 2 Magnetic Cable Block Managers are designed to protect your desk in style and provide unparalleled cable management. Crafted from premium PU Pebble Leather with a faux suede bottom, the Desk Mat Pro protects your desk from spills and scratches. And to complete your personalized workspace, it comes with two Cable Block XL. These silicone cable managers magnetically attach anywhere on the metal-infused desk mat keeping your cables organized on the workspace and preventing them from dropping to the floor!

Desk Mat Pro

  • Premium PU pebble leather. Protects your desk from spills & scratches
  • Faux suede bottom. Naturally water resistant & easy to clean
  • Metal infused inner layer. Creates a connection with the Cable Block XL; no adhesives needed

Cable Block XL

  • Easy to use. Simply slide your cable into the silicone block & position anywhere on the mat surface
  • Imbedded bottom magnet. Keeps your cable securely in place
  • 2x embedded weights. Keep your cables in place off the mat as well
  • Standard size. Designed to work with your standard size cables


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