Dell Optiplex 5050 Desktop | Quad Core Intel i5 (3.2GHz) | 16GB DDR4 RAM | 500GB SSD | Home windows 10 Professional (Refurbished) + 22″ LCD Monitor


The Dell Optiplex 5050 Desktop features a powerful Intel Quad-Core i5-6500 CPU and 16GB DDR4 RAM for seamless multitasking and faster processing. It comes with a 500GB Solid State Drive for faster booting and application loading times. The desktop also has Wi-Fi 5G and Bluetooth capabilities for easy connectivity. The presence of standard RJ-45 LAN Port ensures seamless networking and the Intel HD 630 graphics card provides high-quality visuals.

Includes 22″ LCD monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

  • Intel i5-6500: Powerful processor that offers efficient performance & multitasking capabilities
  • Intel HD 630: Integrated graphics card provides decent visuals & supports smooth playback of media
  • 16GB DDR4: Allows for smooth multitasking, faster data processing & efficient performance across various applications
  • 500GB SSD: Provides fast data access, quick boot times &reliable storage for your files and applications
  • Standard RJ-45 LAN Port: Provides a reliable wired network connection for seamless networking & internet access
  • Wi-Fi 5G + Bluetooth: Allow for wireless connectivity, enabling you to connect to the internet & connect wireless peripherals such as speakers or headphones
  • Model year: 2017

Refurbished Rating
Renewed and modernized by the #1 Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, this Dell 5050 Desktop Computer is guaranteed to perform like-new and comes with a money-back guarantee! To learn more about refurbished products,
click here.

Your Desktop comes with a digitally rendered Windows 10 Professional install for a secure and convenient setup process. Every computer from us is professionally renewed through a set of globally recognized and top-tier production processes, including a full-system test, a fresh install of Windows 10 Professional, and robust stress-testing.


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