D-Fend Proclaims EnforceAir 2: Counter Drone Know-how in a Backpack

D-Fend Solutions Announces EnforceAir2, Portable and Powerful Counter-UAS Technology

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Walker Robinson

D-Fend Solutions has launched the newest version of their EnforceAir product, EnforceAir2. EnforceAir 2 xpands and improves on the success of their previous product, EnforceAir, which received the 2023 Intersec Homeland Security/Service of the Year Award. EnforceAir2 has increased drone detection and mitigation capabilities, as well as added operational flexibility for covert and mobile applications.

“EnforceAir2 reinforces D-Fend’s strategic market position as the pioneer and leader in the groundbreaking technology category of RF-Cyber for counter-drone detection and mitigation, focused on control, safety and continuity,” said Yaniv Benbenisti, President and Chief Product Officer of D-Fend Solutions. “As the threat escalates and proliferates, into more varied environments and scenarios, EnforceAir2 now brings unprecedented power, flexibility, and portability to security officials to confront and overcome the growing risks and challenging dangers.”

Detection and Takeover Mitigation

Using radio frequency technology, the c-UAS cyber-SDR hardware can detect drones up to four and a half kilometers away and execute mitigation measures such as disconnecting the target drone from its pilot or landing the drone entirely. This has significant applications in detecting and preventing threats to infrastructure and public safety.

EnforceAir2’s compact footprint allows for additional operational flexibility. The multi-use deployment kit can be deployed from stationary positions or equipped to vehicles. The kit is designed for quick deployment and redeployment in developing tactical situations.

In addition to these improvements to operational flexibility, D-Fend has announced the Enforce Air Covert Backpack Deployment Kit. This feature puts the power and performance of EnforceAir2 into a discrete, portable unit allowing for drone detection and mitigation in stealth and ultra-mobile situations. A single battery can support up to two and a half hours of continuous operations, and can be easily swapped out for continuous, long-duration operations.

As drone technology and accessibility continues to grow, counter-UAS products have become increasingly vital to ensuring safety and security against UAS misuse in a variety of environments and tactical situations. D-Fend Solution’s EnforceAir2 offers numerous improvements in performance, range, and flexibility to detect and prevent drone related incidents.

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