CrossOver Home windows Compatibility App: 1-Yr Subscription


Do you like buying Windows® licenses? You do? Great. You do you. For the rest of humanity, CrossOver is the easiest way to run many Microsoft applications on your Mac without a clunky Windows emulator. (Seriously, have you tried emulators? Do you like how they run on your Mac?) CrossOver works differently. It’s not an emulator. It does the work of translating Windows commands into Mac commands so that you can run Windows software as if it were designed native to Mac.

CrossOver works with all kinds of software – productivity software, utility programs, and games – all with one application.

Faster. Better experience. No license. Simple as that.

Why CrossOver?

  • One-click installation. Up & running in minutes
  • Increase your productivity. Run Windows applications without rebooting
  • Forget dreaded software lag. Windows software runs at native speed
  • Just another icon. Seamlessly integrates with your desktop environment
  • Save money. Run Windows apps without Windows OS
  • Give beyond yourself. Contributions (and code) go back to Open Source Community

Search before you purchase. Click here to see if the Windows software you want to run is compatible with CrossOver.

What Customers Say

“I am very pleased with your product. I have purchased several versions of CrossOver office. This is the first time that I feel comfortable with using CrossOver office in a production machine, for professional work. I can use this product with confidence.”

Michelle Delio – Wired
“In general, running CrossOver Office was so similar to using Office on a standard Windows system that it was sometimes difficult to remember the PC was actually running Linux.”


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