Core Full Physique Exercise Equipment: 12-Piece Residence Health Set


The Core Full Body Fitness Kit is a home workout set that will turn your living space into a full gym. The core stability training and balance board work on your core muscles and improves coordination, while the gliding discs engage your muscles as you jump, run, or do squats. The push-up bars and dumbbells tone and sculpt your muscles, while the jump rope helps you burn through calories with just minutes of exercise. Adding all of these items together into one set makes it easy to incorporate fitness into daily life — just drag the kit out of the box and start working out.

  • Balance board. Non-slip 360° rotating surface tests your balance & engages the muscles in your core
  • Gliding discs. Builds on your range of motion, engages your core muscles, & tests your strength with just minutes a day
  • Push-up bars. Durable cast iron design with no-scuff padding allows you to customize your routine on any surface
  • Dumbbells. Great for regular reps or adding a challenge to body-weight
  • Jump rope. Jump start your cardio by burning through calories, & taking your fitness to the next level
  • Resistance bands. Ideal for engaging, through dozens of movement exercises
  • Water bottle. Enjoy a thirst-quenching post-workout drink or a morning brew that stays cold/hot for hours


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