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Cool Brittania: Samsung’s Bespoke Jubilee fridge provides a splash of pastel stylish to your kitchen

If you happened to find yourself strolling through an Iranian desert approximately 2,400 years ago, there’s a chance you would have come across a large domed structure with thick walls made from a mixture of sand, clay, egg whites, and goat hair. Called a yakhchāl (Persian for ice pit), it’s an ingenious construction that allows cavernous underground rooms to store food and ice all year round.

While clearly very primitive, the remaining yakhchāls are more exciting than many of the bland white, black, and silver boxes you’ll find in most appliance aisles today. Sure, modern fridges can keep food cold and dish out crushed ice and filtered water at the touch of a button, but where’s the soul? Where’s the spice?

Anyway, that’s our long winded — yet hopefully fun and informative — segue into Samsung’s freshly launched Bespoke Jubilee Fridge Freezer. Created to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee, the 1.85m unit features a minimalist, pastel-infused glass Union Jack door panel, which is available in either Clean Black, Glam Lavender, or Glam Peach.

Beyond its eye-catching looks, it’s also crammed with features that should be welcomed by any fridge connoisseur worth their weight in coolant. One of these is SpaceMax — a fancy way of saying it has thinner walls for increasing internal storage space without increasing the overall unit size.

Elsewhere you’ve got a wine shelf for perfectly cooled tipple, along with Total No Frost for banishing the need to ever manually defrost, and All-Around Cooling which moves cool air around the fridge to maintain a constant temperature for increased food longevity. All the classic fridge hits, really.

Throw in quiet operation and a cleverly designed perfectly flush door hinge for use directly against a wall, and you’ve got yourself a rather tantalizing option if you’re in the market for a new fridge.

You can pre-order the Bespoke Jubilee Fridge Freezer today for £999.99 directly from Samsung, or snap up your color of choice from Samsung KX, Harrods or Selfridges when it goes on sale on 23 May. Existing Bespoke fridge owners can also buy colored door Panels separately for £249, easily swapping out their current one like an old Nokia phone cover. There’s a limited edition run of only 70 per colour, with £140 off if you order before 7 June.

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