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Considerations about Nottingham’s ‘worst place’ e-scooter parking

Concerns have been raised in part of Nottingham about the parking spaces allocated for e-scooters and this would lead to wheelchair users “getting stuck”.

The parking lots on Alfreton Road near the intersection with Bentinck Road are next to a bus stop and offer space for five of the Wind Mobility e-scooters.

However, the corner of the assigned bays is just over a foot from the wall of an adjacent home, creating fears that disabled residents who wish to use the path will be restricted.

It is because residents of neighboring Lenton also expressed concern about the new e-scooters and called for improvements to the system after dozens were found blocking paths.

In the parking lots on Alfreton Road, residents of the area described the assigned bays as “the worst place”.

Bash Gulahmad, 31, owner of BG Removals on Alfreton Road, told Nottinghamshire Live: “It’s not good for strollers, it’s good for someone with a disability trying to get by.

“You wouldn’t be able to get away with a mobility scooter if they were all parked.

“It’s just not a good place to park for scooters, someone with a disability would get stuck. It’s the worst place possible.

“And I suppose you’re supposed to put five in a row, but if one falls in the wind, they will all fall over.

“If I parked my car on the sidewalk it would be illegal, so I don’t know why they can be left there.”

Wind Mobility’s e-scooter parking lot on Alfreton Road.

Rachael Walker, 21, a college student living in the area, also agrees that there isn’t much room for disabled residents and strollers.

She told Nottinghamshire Live: “I think the problem with them is that they are left and abandoned on the streets and getting in people’s way.

“If they have such parking spaces, more space is needed because they block the space for advanced users.

“There isn’t a lot of room for people in wheelchairs or strollers to come by, and if there was a parking lot in that room, people would go for it.”

Sam Cullen, 19, a Nottingham University student who also lives nearby, adds that this isn’t just a problem on Alfreton Road.

He told Nottinghamshire Live: “It’s not just here, I’ve seen problems like Lenton in other parts of the city when I went to the bus.

“It’s good that they have certain spots where people can leave them because often they are only thrown on the sidewalk when people are done with them.

“But that’s pretty bad, you probably have about a foot between the corner of the parking lot and the wall.

“Even people who walk would have difficulty getting past them, no matter which people actually need space, how they sit in wheelchairs.”

Wind Mobility told Nottinghamshire Live that it is taking a number of steps to improve parking after we contacted them about concerns from Lenton residents.

A spokesman said: “Using GPS-assisted geo-fencing technology, we have defined designated parking areas where scooters can be parked.

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“Working with the city council, a number of marked parking spaces have been installed to improve the way users park in the pre-defined parking spaces.

“Wind has local teams that patrol the streets in hotspot areas and move improperly parked e-scooters to a suitable parking position.

“Our local teams receive automatic notifications through sensors when a scooter has fallen and can quickly pull in to put the scooter back up.”

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