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Communicate on the slopes with Aleck’s Nunchucks ski headset

Regularly hit the slopes? Whether you’re on a boozy lads’ ski trip or competing for your best run, keeping in touch while you’re on the slopes is essential. And Aleck’s new top headset is designed for skiers. The Nunchucks headset lets skiers keep connected to friends or base camp while hitting the snow, and plays Hi-Fi audio to keep you entertained.

Aleck’s Nunchucks headset is a wireless audio and comms system that keeps you connected while on the slopes, and pumps music through your helmet. The headset clicks straight into your snow helmet, so you’re not carrying an extra strap around your head. It hooks up wirelessly to your device via Bluetooth 5.2.

To keep you entertained while skiing, the headset can play Hi-Fi quality audio straight into your lugs. But where the Nunchucks headset really comes into play is with its comms features. You can keep in touch with your fellow skiers or base camp using the headset. The headset has a dedicated push-to-talk comms feature, or you can opt for group calls. It lets you take regular phone calls through the headset as well. On top of this, it packs a friend finding feature, so you can keep tabs on where everyone is. Naturally, it’s IPX4 water-resistant for snow protection, and it juices up via USB-C.

Fancy keeping in contact the next time you hit the slopes? Aleck’s Nunchucks headset is available to order directly from the brand for $129.95/£99. You can even score a double pack if there’s a bunch of you slope-bound.

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