Cleanse Proper Spiral Ear Wax Elimination Instrument Equipment


The Cleanse Right Spiral Ear Wax Removal Tool quickly and easily removes earwax from blocked ears. Unlike regular cotton swabs or metal cleaners that can be dangerous to the ear canal and push wax deeper into the ear, the soft silicone rotating head pulls ear wax from the ear quickly and painlessly. The tips of the Cleanse Right Ear Wax Remover are made of silicone which are specifically designed to remove earwax and protect the ear without damaging the eardrum.

  • Pain-free. The soft silicone matches earholes of different sizes enabling you to remove irritating earwax pain free
  • Comfortable. Soft, comfortable, & safe resilient material, protects your ears
  • Smart spiral designed. Spiral design for easier cleaning of oily ears with sticky dirt
  • Portable. Cleanse Right Ear Wax Removal Spiral is travel sized & meant to be taken anywhere
  • Economical. Includes a total of 16 soft & flexible replacement tips
  • Easy to use. Just insert the tip carefully & slowly into your ear canal, then twist the tip in the direction of the arrow on handle, easily removing earwax
  • Perfect gift for family. Perfect for the entire family‚Äôs ear hygiene
  • Portable & compact
  • USA Made


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