Classic Double Decker London Bus Shadow Field



In such a fast-paced world, classic beauty seems gone too soon, but the memories live on. Old Modern Handicrafts work hard to bring those memories back to life. Old Modern Handicrafts (OMH) uses the old way of building ship models while integrating modern technology. Besides scale models, they also make canoes, kayaks, and statues that look beautiful in various settings. Skillful master artisans built each model with many intricate details. The old and modern technology work seamlessly to create a product that will become the center of attention for any home or office.

Vintage Double Decker London Bus Shadow Box

This vintage shadow box features the famous Double Decker London Bus and the London telephone booth. Hang this shadow box in your room to store your car keys or open that cold beer with the handy attached bottle opener.

  • Features the famous Double Decker London Box & London Telephone Booth
  • Vintage shadow box mainly built from metal, wood & MDF frame
  • Also includes a Metal Self-Serve Bottle Opener & 3 Metal Keychain Hooks
  • 100% hand built from scratch by skillful master craftsmen


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