Citadel Protection wins a $ 5 million DOD contract

Source: Citadel Defense

Counter-drone provider Citadel Defense has just signed another deal with the US Department of Defense that has won a number of awards from defense agencies around the world.

According to a Citadel press release, the startup raised $ 5 million to protect soldiers from potentially enemy drones on the battlefield with its titanium counter-drone system.

The system uses AI, machine learning, and low-security electronic countermeasures that prevent a rogue drone pilot from gathering information and prevent the drone from entering the protected airspace. The Titan system also generates a post-mission analytical report highlighting threat activity patterns to provide mission-critical insights to ground command.

“Our team is honored to support the military’s efforts by delivering operator-centric, mission-proven CUAS solutions to the front lines,” said Christopher Williams, CEO of Citadel Defense. “Titan gives US forces and allies an advantage over non-state actors who use drones as weapons.”

Williams said senior Pentagon officials have cited small drones as the greatest threat to the armed forces since IEDs were deployed on the battlefield. “The use of small drones has exploded and is rapidly changing the security environment. Opponents have access to affordable, high-performance drone platforms that can be easily customized and armed to conduct surveillance and target acquisition against U.S. forces. “

“We are continuously improving the Titan platform to provide operators with capabilities that address and adapt to the rapidly growing small UAS threat in every region of the world,” said Sean Troyer, director of business development, Citadel Defense and former US SOCOM member.

More new business

Last month, Citadel Defense announced a development agreement with Syzygy Integration to create a bespoke solution for the US Department of Defense and other federal agencies. According to company officials, the new application “accelerates situational awareness and coordinated responses to non-cooperative drone activities related to critical infrastructure, national special security events, military bases and the border”.

In February, an unnamed government agency signed a multi-million dollar contract with Citadel for the Titan system to “protect government assets – including ships, vehicles, robotic platforms and military bases – from drone threats.”

Last year Citadel released new AI and machine learning software for the Titan system. According to company representatives, the software-hardware combination represents a further development of the technology after several months of “successful deployments in multiple commandos of fighters and in hundreds of unique environments”.

The counter drone system uses the world’s largest data set adapted for AI-based drone detection. Citadel is making the system available to a global customer base and protecting against rogue drone missions such as the recent attacks in Armenia and the Middle East.

In July, Citadel released an AI-powered software suite that officials said would autonomously protect against threats from 98 percent of standard commercial drones.

In conjunction with the Titan system, the counter-drone solution can protect a large military base or an airfield via a single interface and cover it around the clock.

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