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In this Cisco training course, you will learn how to properly troubleshoot network systems with popular Ping and OSI model techniques. The course also includes practice labs, configuration tools, and a whiteboard. Great for network administrators, support technicians, and certification students. There are a variety of different techniques recommended for troubleshooting network problems. At the end of this course, you learn how to isolate the error to a network device, fix the problem, and verify that network connectivity is restored.

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  • Access 12 lectures & 1 hour of content 24/7
  • Learn how to troubleshoot network connectivity errors faster
  • Practice offline with downloadable packet tracer labs
  • Enjoy free whiteboard tool for troubleshooting common network errors

CiscoNet Academy

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CiscoNet Academy is a certification training provider with thousands of students and multiple Cisco Spotlight awards. It has 20+ years of experience with Fortune 100 companies, large data centers, and certification training. Their step-by-step approach includes online courses, study guide, lab training, practice tests, and study tools. It is all designed to prepare you for passing CCNA/CCNP certification exams.

Shaun Hummel | Cisco Certification Instructor

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Shaun Hummel is a Senior Network Engineer with 15+ years of network design, implementation and training experience across national and globally connected infrastructure. He is the author of multiple CCNA certification books and recipient of Cisco spotlight awards for technical contributions and more.


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