CircuitMess Music Bundle: Synth & DJ Mixer


Get started with music production. With this bundle, you’ll have everything you need to start making music: Jay-D, a mixtable that has almost all of the basic functions of a professional, a sampler that combines the functions of a drum machine, sequencer & synthesizer, and Synthia, which is a fun & unique music machine that allows you to create any beat using its five tracks.

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Jay-D: Mini Mixer

What Can Jay-D Do

  • Play multiple music files simultaneously, fade between them, control the BPM of the songs being played (pretend that you’re a DJ)
  • Pursue a career in the world of EDM music (Tip: start by opening a SoundCloud account)
  • Add various equalizers to the songs that are being played
  • Load new songs on the included SD card so that you don’t have to jam with the included royalty-free music
  • Design a custom light show for the onboard LEDs
  • Code new apps and functions for the implemented microcontroller & make use of the implemented Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interface

Hardware Skills

  • Soldering
  • How a DJ mixer works
  • Digital to analog conversion
  • Microcomputers & other electronic components

Coding Skills

  • Coding in C++ & CircuitBlocks
  • Digital audio systems and their functions
  • Sound waves and how to produce them
  • How to code custom sound effects & light shows

Synthia: DIY Digital Music Sampler

What Can Synthia Do

  • Combine the function of a sampler, drum machine, sequencer & synthesizer
  • Make your perfect sound mix with 5 tracks
  • Create your custom light show with 121 onboard LEDs
  • Record your own samples into Synthia with the help of a built-in MEMS microphone

Hardware Skills

  • Soldering & hardware assembly
  • Music sequencers & digital sound sample editing
  • MEMS microphones and sound production
  • Microcomputers & other electronic components

Coding Skills

  • Coding in C++ & CircuitBlocks
  • Digital-to-Analog signal conversion
  • Editing sound recordings
  • How to custom code sound effects & light shows


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