Chillax DM681 Giraffe Professional Child Monitor


The DM681 Giraffe Pro is the ultimate portable baby and home monitor with amazing flexibility and range. Enjoy crystal-clear visuals on the handheld monitor or within the ChillaxCare app. With a range of up to 1,200 feet on the parent unit, you won’t ever have to worry about dropped connections. Get the best angles with the flexible gooseneck camera and bring it anywhere you want by plugging it into a power bank, computer, or literally any USB outlet. Giraffe Pro is baby monitoring flexibility at its best!

4.9/5 rating on ChillaxCare LLC: ★ ★ ★ ★

  • Wi-Fi on/off switch. Allows you to instantly turn this into a WiFi or non-WiFi baby monitor with the press of a button
  • Clip-on base. Just clip it onto any surface
  • Wall mount. Allows you to use regular screws to wall mount it like any other baby monitor camera
  • Auto-dimming LED lights. Automatically dims in darker rooms
  • Plug & play. Easily plug the USB tip into any standard USB outlet —- power banks, wall outlets, computers & more
  • Additional storage. Allows you to save even more videos and pictures of every special moment
  • Flexible gooseneck. Easily get a view of any angle of the room
  • ChillaxCare app. Lets you watch the live feed from anywhere
  • Portable. Bring it anywhere in your home or even outdoors
  • Night vision. Gives you a crystal clear view of your little one even in the dark


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