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CES Awards 2024: Stuff’s most-wanted devices

Want the full lowdown on the best tech from without sifting through hundreds of articles? Welcome to Stuff’s CES Awards 2024.

We’ve covered the world’s biggest tech show from practically every angle, both remotely and from the labyrinth-like halls and backrooms of Las Vegas itself. From bright eye-searing OLED TVs and hidden speakers, to beefy gaming phones and powerful music streamers, there’s something here for everyone. Oh, and if you want to check out all the other announcements, you’re more than welcome to browse through all of our CES 2024 articles and features as well. Enjoy!


We’re simple folk — we see a new LG G-series OLED TV, and we get excited. Why? Because it’s a model that’s proven itself over the years to offer one of the best TV-watching experiences that money can buy, and it’s got a number of improvements over the already excellent G3, which we can’t wait to experience ourselves. These not only include a brighter picture (an impressive feat given that the G3’s MLA tech was already such an improvement on the brightness front), and a higher refresh rate, but a more powerful processor and new OS to boot.

Samsung Music Frame

We were pretty big fans of Ikea’s Symfonisk picture frame speaker when we reviewed it a few years ago, so the fact that Samsung has upped the competition with a seemingly refined rival is music to our ears, so to speak. Resembling an ordinary square picture frame from the front, you can load it up with any 12in photo or picture of your choosing, masking its true nature. These consist of two mid-range drivers, two tweeters, and a pair of woofers, complete with the Dolby Atmos stamp of approval. Samsung’s SpaceFit room calibration takes the hassle out of manual EQ settings, and overall, it’s shaping up to be a brilliant choice for those looking to enjoy their tunes without another obvious gadget cluttering up the room.

FiiO R9 Desktop Music Streamer

FiiO’s compact all-in-one device ticks practically any audio box you care to think of. A 6in touchscreen is an easy-access portal to full-fat Android, providing direct access to all the major music streaming services, while there’s enough quality audio gubbins within to deliver up to 7300mW of power at high file resolutions, without compression. The connectivity options are almost too vast to list here, but they include Bluetooth 5.0, AirPlay, and even HDMI ARC, covering practically any base you care to think of. All of that is wrapped up in a rather tiny, desktop-friendly package that looks good enough to leave on full display for all the world to see.

Sennheiser Momentum Sport

Sennheiser’s new Momentum Sport wireless earbuds stand out from most of its rivals thanks to a few key features. These include built-in heart rate and body temperature sensors, which will definitely appeal to those of you who hate messing around with potentially cumbersome heart rate monitors and wrist-worn wearables. It can share this data with Apple Health, Garmin Connect, Strava, and Peloton too, along with Polar Flow. That’s a seriously impressive list of giant health-tracking services, and one that should cover most people’s bases. Throw in ANC, sweat resistance, clog-resistant ear tips and a rather fetching burned olive colour, and it’s one of the more exciting earbuds we’ve seen for some time.

Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 (2024)

The ROG Zephyrus G14 is one of our go-to gaming laptop recommendations, but this latest model could be our standard recommendation for anyone looking for any laptop, period. That’s thanks to a combination of beastly power in the form of a Ryzen 8000-series CPU and Nvidia RTX 4070 GPU, along with a beautiful OLED screen and a handsome metal build that’s understated enough to comfortably be used in an office without turning heads. It’s slim and light enough to carry around on your daily commute too, which is still somewhat of a novelty in the world of high-performance gaming laptops.

Panasonic Z95A OLED with Fire TV

Panasonic knows how to serve up cracking OLED TVs, but it’s never quite managed to nail the OS experience. Until now. Armed with Amazon’s Fire TV OS, users will be treated to a slick interface and all the apps they could ever need — all displayed on a gorgeous OLED panel that’s brighter than ever. It’s all paired with an all-new image processing chipset, along with a built-in mic for capturing your Alexa voice commands from across the room. Gamers will also be very tempted by the new Game Mode Extreme preset, which supports variable refresh rates and Dolby Vision gaming at up to a very smooth 144Hz.

Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro

Like its distant ROG gaming laptop relative above, the ROG Phone 8 Pro caught our eye by, well, not catching our eye. Its pared back design is a refreshing change from the RGB onslaught that most gaming-focused devices seem to be slathered in, although there’s still a touch of decadence in the form of a rear mini-LED display. It can show useful information, mind, and is practically invisible when turned off. Elsewhere we’ve got promising on-paper camera improvements compared to its predecessor, with, unsurprisingly, an absurd amount of power under the hood for what’s shaping up to be one of the best mobile gaming experiences around. There’s even a dedicated cooling device for serious performance, while two USB-C ports and a headphone jack will make connectivity fans like us very happy indeed.

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