Callaway 2-In-1 Golf Towel & Golf Bag Rain Cowl


The innovative Callaway rain hood golf towel delivers 2-in-1 value and convenience. The outer rain hood shell is constructed of waterproof nylon, while the inside towel is made of microfiber cotton for optimal club cleaning capability. Hang the Callaway rain hood golf towel off your golf bag using the provided carabiner for convenient cleaning access during your round, and when bad weather approaches, simply detach and slip it over the top of your golf bag to keep your clubs and grips dry. When used as a rain hood, the Velcro sides provide easy access to clubs.

  • 2-In-1 golf tool. A combination of rain hood & golf towel
  • Quality construction. The outer golf bag hood is constructed of waterproof nylon, while the inner golf bag towel is made of soft microfiber cotton
  • Versatile fit. Easily slips over the top of most bags
  • Velcro sides. Allow for convenient access to clubs
  • Carbineer clip attachment. For hanging the towel on a golf bag


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