BVLOS waiver of Hovering Eagle inspections

Soaring Eagle Technologies has received another FAA Authorization Certificate. This BVLOS waiver enables more efficient inspections.

Soaring Eagle Technologies is a leading drone data collection company working with critical infrastructure companies in the United States. After completing over 60 large-scale BVLOS missions in the US under SGI (Special Government Interest) commitments, the company can currently use up to 100 miles of electrical transmission line per day with any BVLOS-enabled sUAS (Small Unmanned Aircraft System ) in the company’s fleet.

Nathan Alber, Training Director at Soaring Eagle Technologies, says, “As we continue to expand BVLOS operations across the country, customers can get aerial photography, inspections and other imagery in less time and more efficiently. The drone inspection option is also cleaner and safer than fossil fuel alternatives like helicopters and ground patrols. Of course, security and data security are top priorities for our company. Our army training and experience in piloting manned aircraft are key factors in the FAA’s decision to grant Soaring Eagle this latest exemption. “

“… BVLOS operations mean facility owners can save more than 50% by performing these operations compared to using manned aircraft (helicopters, airplanes, etc.) to do the same job,” says Soaring Eagle’s press release .

Will Paden, President of Soaring Eagle Technologies, said, “The use cases for UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are becoming more popular every day, but so are federal requirements as we share the airspace with manned aircraft.

This FAA waiver enables Soaring Eagle to collect information more thoroughly and efficiently. This means there is massive demand for this service, especially from utility companies and those who manage other critical infrastructures across the country.

We are entrusted with doing some of the nation’s most critical work and that, in addition to the FAA’s vote of confidence, is truly humiliating. It’s a badge of honor. “

BVLOS for inspections – with 4G and 5G networks

“It won’t be long before we have aircraft in our fleet that not only enable safe and efficient BVLOS operations, but in conjunction with 4G and 5G data networks we will be able to take off and control our aircraft from thousands if necessary miles away, ”says Paden. “This means that our response time to natural disasters or other incidents involving critical infrastructure would be reduced from hours to minutes – which saves our customers downtime, money and possibly lives.”

“Today, the BVLOS functionality can be used in a short time for post-storm inspections, controlled fire monitoring, right-of-way checks, agriculture and agriculture as well as for other applications in large areas,” the press release says.

Read more about Beyond Line of Sight (BVLOS) flights: the BEYOND program, BVLOS ARC and FAA Chief Administrator Steve Dickson on a BVLOS ruling.

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