BRINC Drones turns into a sponsor of DRONERESPONDERS

BRINC Drones, manufacturer of the specially developed LEMUR series for SWAT team missions, has joined the nation’s leading education and advocacy group for the use of drones in the first response, DRONERESPONDERS.

A relatively new player in the drone industry, US-based BRINC has a huge impact on the first responder community. They are delivering the LEMUR to SWAT teams around the world and introducing a very tactical tool designed to protect both first responders and suspects.

The mission of DRONERESPONDERS is to “unite these new air first responders, emergency managers and search and rescue specialists under a unified organization to help learn, train and test with one another, with the ultimate goal of using drones for Maximize public safety. ”As part of its efforts to support and train the public safety community in the use of drones, the nonprofit has established a number of guiding principles for the use of drones:

  1. Community engagement and transparency
  2. Civil liberties and data protection
  3. Common operating procedures
  4. Clear oversight and accountability
  5. Online Safety

As a sponsor of DRONERESPONDERS, BRINC Drones will join DRONERESPONDERS to offer thought leadership and technology demonstrations.

“We are very excited to be working with an organization that shares our values. at BRINC, we are mission-oriented and dedicated to developing technologies that support first responders and enable them to do their jobs more safely and efficiently. DRONE answers is a perfect fit to support this mission and we are here to do all we can to increase acceptance of drone Technology in Public Safety, ”said Blake Resnick, Founder / CEO of BRINC.

DRONE answers is pleased and happy about the support of BRINC Drones Inc. as our newest corporate sponsor. BRINCThe exciting new technology of will improve and enhance the operation of public safety in new ways Responder and citizen security, ”said Chief Charles Werner, Director of DRONE answers.

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