Brentwood Home equipment® 8″ Non-Stick Tortilla Maker



If you are thinking of making sumptuous tortillas, Brentwood Appliances® has what you need. Introducing this 8″ Non-Stick Tortilla Maker, a device known for cooking perfectly round and authentic 8″ tortillas. Its adjustable heat gives you the power to make soft or crispy tortillas. Cleaning it up is a breeze, thanks to its non-stick aluminum plates. The indicator lights illuminate when the unit is powered on and once the heat is hot and ready. You can also use this tortilla press to make flatbread, chapatti, roti, mandarin pancakes, and more.

  • 8″ Tortilla Maker: Cook perfectly round & authentic 8″ tortillas

  • Adjustable Heat: Gives you the power to make soft or crispy tortillas

  • Indicatior Light: Illuminate when the unit is powered on, or when the heat is hot & ready

  • Non-stick Aluminum Plates: Makes cleaning a breeze

  • 1,000W Power: Provides sufficient heat to make delicious tortillas

  • Versatile: Make flat bread, chapatti, roti, mandarin pancakes, & more


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